Painting Classes in State College PA

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Student artworks

"Creativity and Self expression workshops"

Private classes and workshops in my studio in State College PA. If you are interested please contact Isabel Kumerz.


Practical and fun creative painting techniques focused on experimentation and intuition. Diverse starting points and ideas on how to create an abstract painting. Unleash your artistic potential. It will help to develop and discover your creativity and artistic expression.


Beginners, art teachers, artists, and professional artists.


Develop your creativity and creative thinking. Visual expression. Learn different techniques to expand your artistic vocabulary. Introduction to painting in a diferent way.


Through painting and drawing you will learn different creative processes based on experimentation and intuition. Each technique will show the student's innate strenght, as well as personal expression.


Numbers and Letters

We will create an abstract painting in black and white. This workshop will help you to learn or to understand composition, working in black and white, distribution of forms and lines and also in trusting yourself and your personal stetic. This process is intuitive very easy and fun to do.

No need to have any skills.

Blind Drawing

Learn how to draw in 15 minutes.

Textures with acrylics:

Part 1: Abstraction, Creative process, application of color, creating intuitive.

Blind Drawing, Composition, transparencies with acrylic. Combination of abstraction and realism.

Numbers and Letters:

Part 1: Creating the basis of symbols to create a personal essay. Composition process intuitive, creative process, personal, black and white study.

Part 2: Applying color with the spatula. Light and shadows. Color Theory.

Invent a Purpose

Part 1: Inventing objects from drawings. Black and white composition. Positive and negative space, line and study areas. Discovering reverse image, creating multiple.

Part 2: Application color blending.

Painting with music

Part1: Draw a composition from a piece of music. Draw with emotions.

Part 2: Find and create a composition from chaos. White and black.

Rembrandt Technique

Used in oils, this technique is used to create realistic style portraits. Transparencies and veiled. From traditional to contemporary realism realism. Portrait.

the Marks

Composition intuitive. Learning to delete. Therapeutic technique.

Overlay, Repetiton:

Mixed. The main objective of this exercise is to help students to get free. Demonstrate how to take risks, experimenting. Drawing dynamic. Creating representing the motion picture.


Exercise equipment. Using personal analysis. Corrections and additions. Drawings shared. Learn detachment.


From a still life studying space partitioning. Fracmentación drawing. Abstraction. Visual meaning.

Symbol and Sense

Choose randomly a symbol and draw or paint the personal interpretation of each. Free technique, use of any material.

Tea or coffee?

Draw a picture with unusual materials.


We will study the process to tell a story visually. Repetition, division, center, etc.

Dimensional Portrait

Process of combining and integrating two-dimensional three-dimensional materials. Spatial composition. Creating molds. Use recyclable items. Personal analysis, concept search.

Mixed Media Composition

Creating an imaginary landscape with reliefs, textures, objects ..

Black and white Collage

From a drawing, combination and integration of graphic elements with collage. Black and white photocopies.

Collage with textures

Choosing to recreate a famous painting with collage. Collage based on creating textures.

Composition with paper

From textures done, cut the paper into strips and knit composition.

"Workshops "Creativity for Teachers"

Workshop for school teachers or teachers who need plastic starting points to create new exercises. There will be a theoretical part on creativity and how to strengthen it, both in class and personally. In the practical 80% experienced the creative process. Maximum 12 students. Eight classes of 3 hours.