Drawing Marks, follow your intuition

This online drawing exersice will help you to create an non-objective Abstract painting. Non-objective art does not contain a recognizable subject. You will create a drawing from your inner self, from your unconciouness mind to express your emotions, following your intuition.

Start drawing with a compressed charcoal some marks at random in a big sheet of paper. I recommend to use a big sheet to have space and freedom. (22" × 30" ). It will be good if you can have soft music in the room. Draw 3 or 4 marks on to the paper and afterwards to erase all with their hand. You have to follow your intuition, which means follow what the marks are suggesting. Do you see a face? a landscape?an animal or object?. You probably will need to draw more marks and to erase it with the hand couple of times before you can see something. You need to cover the whole paper with marks, draw lines and shape. When everything is dirty you can use an eraser for whites or highlights.

The more time they spend drawing and erasing the more likely will be to see something. I also recommend to turn the paper 90 degrees 3 times.

A similar exercise is used in art therapy.



Watercolor paper: BFK Reeves Size: 30 x 22 inches or similar Compress Charcoal. Eraser Sthaedler.