Online classes Demostrations

Some video demostrations on how to create a painting starting with different approaches. Each is an independent lesson very easy to try.

Blind Drawing

It is a good idea to learn this technique for those who don’t know how to draw and also for those who want to have a different kind of drawing.

Textures with acrylics

Experimenting with acrylics using textures is a great way to learn about colors, composition, layering and the versatility of acrylic paint.


Gestural Marcs

This online drawing exersice will help you to create an non-objective Abstract painting following your intuition.

Numbers and letters I

The creative process of this painting exercise is to write numbers and letters as your starting point to make an abstract painting.

Numbers and letters II

In this lesson,we will add color to this black and white abstract composition.

How to make a frame out-of-the-normal

Decorating an unsual frame with aluminium foil.

My YouTube channel

All this demostrations also in Spanish.