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Painter, writer, storyteller, teacher, illustrator, graphic designer ...

ika bremer

The name Ika is coming from my initials Isabel Kumerz. When you spell the "I" and the " K" in Spanish the sound produced is IKA.

I have done many things in life, because I need to have challenges. I started as a graphic designer, had my own business, but one day I stopped to become a writer. I have to say that I wrote non-stop for three years, then I realized that it was a very lonely profession. Later on I changed my career with the intention of becoming a professional painter. I earned my MFA in painting from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA. Parallel I began teaching painting and drawing classes for adults, and that's where my interest for the creative process started. "You can read my teaching philosophy here".

I believe that Creativity is a process, an attitude and also a skill that the world needs to wake up urgently. I am saying "wake up" because I believe that everyone is creative. Creativity is innate in humans. It is not limited to a few lucky ones, nor limited to a specific area of the arts. Anyone can be creative. Just as horses were born to run and apple trees to bear apples, the human being is born to create.

Today being creative is becoming a necessity to find work, start businesses, create new markets and to educate. The main characteristics of creative people are that they know how to make decisions, think for themselves, are persistent and question everything. These people usually join the points A and B in many ways, but rarely in a straight line.

Creativity can transform your life in an endless adventure, you just need to lose your fears and emotionally accept that you will make mistakes. My life is full of them!

Personally I love to try new things, to accept fun challenges, and especially I like to share those experiences and different perspectives with people. Things that I do for fun is cooking (I have invented many recipes), gardener (lately with Zen design) and ceramics (brings me back to earth). One day I would love to work with dogs as a blind dog trainer.

Currently I impart workshops and classes on how to increase creativity to educators, beginners and artists. I have also acourse online Unleash your Creativity where you can learn 5 ways to create an abstract painting

Welcome to Ika's Wa yof teaching and painting!

Los Cuentos de Ika

This is the look of my first website long time ago. Today it is online again and it looks like this: "Los Cuentos de Ika".


My Paintings

pintura ser

Visit my web you will see some of my paintings.


FairyTale: El Robo de los Colores

el robo

Texto: Ika Bremer

Precio:7.50 €
184 páginas
Ilustraciones: Teresa González
Dios creó el mundo en seis días y al séptimo, descansó. Pero antes, pidió a los ángeles más jóvenes del cielo que le cuidaran la Tierra. Todo iba bien hasta que Tadeus descubrió que los colores del mundo estaban desapareciendo. Así que bajó a la Tierra a resolver este enigma.