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Let's make mistakes painting!

If you are an art instructor or an art teacher I recommend you to watch the numbers and letters exercise and Textures with acrylics, both online painting techniques are fun to do in class and will help to introduce students to colors, forms and composition.

If you wish to have a class where students are engaged and creative, the first thing you need to do is to gain their trust. To accomplish that you need to create an environment with no fear. Lets make mistakes! If you encourage student to make mistakes, everybody will have fun.

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An important technique or exercise is the Blind Drawing. It is an interesting way of drawing that will help those that don’t know how to draw or those that don’t want to learn.

You can also purchase the practical step by step demos to help your students to create a well designed, finished abstract painting. Less expensive would be signing up for Unleash your Creativity course and watch the demostration in class or try it yourself. You will also understand more in depth and experienced what you are accomplishing with each exercise.

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