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Painting Numbers & Letters part 1

The creative process of this painting class is to write numbers and letters as your starting point to make an abstract painting. This is a good art technique to strength your composition, learn gestural drawing and also is perfect for those who want to concentrate mainly in the forms and not in the colors.


Work on an easel. With vine charcoal write numbers and letters in different sizes. Erase all with your hand. Write again numbers and letters on top of the first one. Erase again.
Turn the paper 90 degrees. With a big brush paint the forms you like best with a paint of 50 water-50 gesso or paint) Once is dry, write on top of everything with a compressed charcoal more numbers and letters to built more shapes and lines. Erase with the hand living everything very dirty. Turn the paper as you wish to find inspiration.

Start painting the shapes, using more and more paint, but do it slowly to create different shapes of grey. The numbers and letter will disappear and instead you will end up with forms and shapes. Keep painting forms until you like it.


Watercolor paper: BFK Reeves Size: 30 x 22 inches or similar. Vine Charcoal, Compressed Charcoal, Eraser, brushes, Gesso and water or white acrylic paint and water.