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Blind Drawing

I always teach this drawing exercise before going into other painting processes. It is a good idea to learn this technique for those who don’t know how to draw and also for those who want to have a different kind of drawing. It is called Blind Drawing.

I do recommend this way of drawing for various reasons: 1-You lean to coordinate, eyes and hand. 2- There is no space to do details, so you can not be distracted. 3- You are not able to judge what you are drawing because you are not looking at the paper.
Approximate time 15 minutes.

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Video Demostration how to draw blindly.


Blind Drawing is the way of drawing without looking at the paper. The student should stand besides the easel. You need to tape the paper to a board and place it on an easel. Before starting, choose a simple object, for example in figure 1 we had a coffee mug.


Use a vine charcoal and start from the base and go up. The charcoal have to be touching the paper all the time. Once you situate the charcoal in the point you want to start, look at the object. You need to draw the contour of the objec without looking at the paper. Your eyes should look at the object all the time and imagine that a small ant is crawling around the object. Take your time. Go slowly. Is normal that at first your drawing will look deformed or estrange and that the starting and ending point will be far away apart or maybe crossed.

You also need to do the negative spaces to compleate the drawing, for example the inside of the handle. In that case, look at the paper, put the charcoal in the place you want to start and look again at the object and draw the negative space. You need to do everything blindly to have the same style. (look figure 2).


An object
Fotocopy paper
Easel and a Board