Painting Techniques for Artists


My advice to new artist: Start experimenting! Experiment as much as you can, because that is a good way to improve your creativity. I recommend you to watch the painting exercises. The technique "numbers and letters" and also "textures with acrylics" are great to learn to follow your intuition. They end results are generally abstract, but you can apply this techniques into your current media or combined traditional an abstract painting together.

I encourage you to follow your own unique vision and enjoy the process. You can also sign up for my new online course, Unleash your Creativity now 50% discount, where I am presenting 5 ways to make an abstract painting with a more in depth explanation of each process, and a study plan to follow.

creativity for artist

An a great technique or exercise is Blind Drawing, also called contour drawing. It is an interesting way to draw objects or figures to achieve a drawing full of personality. It also will help you tremendously if you don’t know how to draw.

And finally, the painting advice section (very short at the moment) with advice and articles related to all what you need to know as an artist.