Untitled Moment

If you are an artist, accustom to work for hours on a painting, a sculpture or some other project, perhaps you've sometimes experienced a moment that is hard to describe. It's hard because when you explain it, people often think that you have gone mad.

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"Untitled moment" is the title of a research paper I wrote in college answering the question: What do you like most about creating art? In my case, what do I like most about painting?
The truth is that until that moment I had never thought much about the need I have to create, or the reasons why I paint.

That interesting question made me ask my classmates. In general all agreed that "the creative process" was the part we enjoyed most. Experimenting, testing, making mistakes or unusual discoveries.
Although I also agree with all of them, for me was something else, something I never told anybody, because (as I said) it was difficult to explain.
Many times while painting, I had experienced a "moment" that can not be achieved at will, and that when I become aware of it, I lose it.

I spent several days researching on the Internet, looking for a clue or definition on that experience,but I couldn't find it. I went on interviewing many artists, realizing that some of them had the same "moment", no one knew how to call it.

The way I can describe it is this: Sometimes when I'm painting I feel a complete and utter disconnect with time and space. It is as if time suddenly ceased to exist. Perhaps this is due to intense concentration, where time has no meaning, that is, what it seem to be painting a few minutes, actually have been more than four hours. But this is only a part of the experience, the other part , more intense and satisfying, is that I also lose my identity. The "I" is dissolved as if by magic all is becoming one, and at the same time, I am one with everything. Mundane problems, past and future, everything disappears . It erases fear, desires and everything. You are only aware of the universe. There is compleate peace, there is knowledge beyond the words, there is an infinite space, absolute freedom.

I feel connected to the whole, and as this happens, I keep on painting, but I am not the one that paints. Maybe the picture is painting me, maybe it's a time where the inspiration comes to me through a channel connected to the whole. Some believe it is the connection to the source of knowledge. The truth is that you forget the rest of the world while you feel closely connected to it. It's a very special feeling.

I must admit I did not find out anything about this matter, however I finished my research paper and summitted. After several weeks I asked the professor (an artist who I admired and with whom I used to have great conversations in our spare time) her opinion. She looked at me intensely and said: What kind of drugs are you taking to get to that point described in your paper? I Do not know if she believed me when I told her that you can visit that "place" without taking anything .

I recently read two books that describe what I was trying to explain back then. One is "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. Tolle calls it "Satori" describing it as a flash or knowledge, a time of no-mind and total presence in the now.

The other book is "The Element" by Sir Ken Robinson which calls it being in the "zone". "One of the significant signs that we are in the area is the sense of freedom and authenticity. When we are in our element we feel we are doing and being what we are supposed to be. Time also feel differently. When we are connected in this way, with our interests and our deepest natural energy, time tends to move faster, more smoothly. In this state the ideas appear more quickly, as if you were connected to a source where everything flows through and around you and that somehow you are channeling ".

I titled it: Untitle moment, because any word, noun, verb or name seems small compared to what it is.